10 Resolutions To Keep In 2019

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Be mildly more awesome than last year? Check!

Welcome to 2019!

Is this the year resolutions will finally become achievable?

We think so.

Here’s 10 resolutions you’ll actually want to keep: 

#1 Set a friend up on a blind date – She did… find out what happened

#2 Clean up that one corner of the room that hasn’t been touched since 2017

#3 Have a day where you can compare it to a Friends episode – You know your life has peaked when it happens 

#4 Do your bit to shape the bigger picture – 4 ways to apply the ‘It’s not about you’ mantra into your life

#5 Have the willpower to control yourself around free food 

#6 Carry a reusable coffee cup/bottle – Do the earth a favour and say no to plastic

#7 Help a friend who has been ghosted – Remind them they’re not being ignored by you

#8 Let this be the year you actually use a Planner - Try to have a method for the madness

#9 Be fortunate enough to have as many naps as your dog will

#10 Use LOL less as an adjective, verb and… as your accidental reaction to a friend’s bad break up

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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash