I Set Up My Single Friend. This Is What Happened.

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Friendship maker or friendship killer? Let’s find out…

Matchmaking is a talent all friends think they have. Especially, if their friend makes terrible choices when it comes to dating. While I love playing wingman, I often think my friend deserves better than a rushed conversation across the bar. So, I decided to set him up on a blind date with someone I know. Now setting up two friends can be tricky. On the one hand, you could be making your friendship group stronger (and possibly writing their wedding speech) but on the other hand, you can risk losing both friendships if it doesn’t work out (dinner for one, most likely). 

Nevertheless, for the sake of our friendship and his dating life (or lack thereof), I decided to go for it and set him up. Here’s how it went down: 

Pre - set up

To give some context, my friend has been single for as long as I’ve known him. He’s a savant of drinking establishments, he knows more about pubs than actual pubs and can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute. Seriously ladies, where you at? Unfortunately, the only puzzle he can’t solve is how to find the love of his life. Not usually a fan of going on dates, unless they require minimal effort and zero awkwardness, he’s insistent on letting fate handle things but luckily (or unfortunately) for him, I want to play cupid. I take upon it as my mission to introduce him to someone who I KNOW could potentially be great for him. Did I mention, he’s also the proud owner of an adorable pup named Chew Barka? 

During set-up

As I sat down to eat lunch one day, my work buddy saw me laughing at a meme that my friend had sent me. After quizzing her on whether she was a fan of moth memes too, I not so subtly turned the chat into where she was in her dating life. Confirming she was single AF as well, I asked her if she was interested in going on a blind date with my friend. Initial hesitation aside (she made me promise he isn’t a serial killer), she seemed happy to be set up with someone I knew. Luckily, after much persuasion and the promise of breakfast pastry every day for the week, my single friend agreed too. 

Post Date Discussion

As much as I would have liked to turn up at their date with binoculars and a portable listening device, I decided to wait for him to spill the tea to me instead. I hadn’t received an SOS call so I assumed it went well. Eventually he said, while he felt rusty at first, his confidence finally grew and thought the date went pretty well. They bonded over their love of dogs, distaste for olives and activities that required wearing Lycra. Ultimately, he was glad that I set them up and she agreed, they’re looking forward to their next date. Looks like tomorrow’s pastries are on him then.

I must admit, being a wingman was fun. I think it’s because it’s not about you and it’s more about doing something good for your single friend. 

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