It’s Not About You - The Wingman Mantra

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Throw kindness around like it's confetti!

When was the last time you did something that was completely selfless? 

If you can remember, well done.

If you can’t, it’s probably because we live in a world where narcissism is unavoidable and self-indulgence is the norm. 

While that’s okay sometimes, we often need a reminder that it’s not about us.

Wingman’s founder, Tina Wilson, LOVES the mantra, “It’s not about you”. 

So much so that she put it on a t-shirt.

It’s a saying that’ll remind us all that being a little selfless every now and again, can be good for the soul. 

4 ways to apply the "It's not about you mantra" into your life

1. Simple act of kindness

It can be as simple as giving a compliment to a colleague or paying for someone’s coffee. One small gesture a day, can make someone’s day. There’s always a bit of time in the day to think of someone else and studies even found sharing kindness can have a positive effect on your own happiness.

2. Find a selfless mission to follow

You don’t have to devote your entire life to philanthropy but you can support someone else’s passion. Whether that’s helping spread the word about an artist you came across or buying your daily lunch from an independent cafe, thinking about how your actions can affect things, can go a long way in helping others around you. Your action, how insignificant it may seem to you, can contribute to changes in the bigger picture. 

3. Be patient 

Next time you find yourself angry about being late, pause. Stuck in a traffic jam caused by an accident ahead? Put life in perspective. Is being late more important or is the difference between life and death? Practising mindfulness, will not only make you a calmer and more reflective person, but will also make your overall empathy stronger. 

4. Help a single friend find love by being their wingman 

Research shows we secretly love to play matchmaker for our single friends. If you have a friend who may need a little help with their dating life, support them by helping them move forward, whether that’s from being ghosted or picking better pictures for their dating profile. Just remember, when playing cupid, it’s not about you! 

For your chance to win our awesome free “It’s not about you” t-shirt, download the Wingman® app and be a wingman for two or more friends and tell us at