How To Deal With Ghosting - A Wingman's Guide

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The one time ignorance is definitely not bliss...

Ah…ghosting. The term that’s plaguing the dating world more than unsolicited dick pics. We’ve all been there. Ignored by someone with no explanation or closure on why. To say ‘C’est la vie’ and look forward to your next potential match is easy for some. For others, being ghosted, can become emotionally crippling, especially if it’s happened way too many times. Unfortunately, ghosting is an inevitable part of dating today and as a wingman, you need to help them move on. Here are a couple of ways to help them through it:  

When asked for advice, make sure it’s useful and not detrimental– If your friend is constantly checking for replies, don’t encourage them to keep contacting the person if they’ve already tried. Apart from coming across as super creepy, it will just lead to more disappointment the harder they try to get a reply. Try assessing the situation together and if it turns out the other party just isn’t interested in further communication, all you can do is respect it.

Offer to take their mind off by doing something fun– Ghosting sucks and to end their endless procrastination, you need to step in my friend. Whether that’s playing mini golf, devouring a stack of pancakes or even helping them find another match, by doing an activity together, you’ll be steering their mind away from their pity party for one. 

Remind them about what makes them great –Try to help maintain their confidence as it’s likely it would have taken a hit. They’re probably thinking about what they did wrong to warrant being ignored when in reality, most people find ghosting a lot easier than having to tell them why it didn’t work out. 

Encourage them to accept the situation and move forward- More often than not, ghosting occurs when two people just aren’t right for each other. As much as the connection was there at the start, the harsh truth is, its now gone. Make them look forward to the next connection by helping them find a match on Wingman.

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