Do Friends Know You Best? Let's Find Out...

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Wingman® App is a matchmaking app for Singles and their trusted tribe of friends.

Brave enough to pass the power of swipe over to your friends? 

Wingman® App is the 21stcentury matchmaking app where friends can have a say on who their single friend should meet next.

Friends can write testimonials, swipe YES or No on profiles and introduce their single friend to potential matches.

We put some friends in a room and asked what they REALLY think about their single friend’s dating life…

Featured on Glamour, as one of the best dating apps to help you meet the one, Wingman® App is on a mission to redefine matchmaking by letting your ideal person be picked by those who know you best.

Your Friends.

In the aim of making dating less dreadful, think of Wingman® App as the digital equivalent of being set up through friends.

If you’ve always wanted to play cupid, now’s your chance.

If you’re newly single and sceptical about the online dating world, Wingman® App is a great way to ease yourself in. Let your Wingman do the work and only be notified when a match is made. No rejection or stigma!

It can be easy to get stuck in a dating rut where motivation is running low and one too many bad dates can leave you in despair. 

This is the best time to let your friends take the wheel and pick what could be the opposite of your typical choice.

While you may have a “type”, your friends will be able to provide insight that has previously been hindered by your rose-tinted glasses. 

But WHY do friends make good matchmakers?

Well, to start with, they are the REAL experts on YOU.

When you need help decoding chat up lines, who do you turn to?

When you need someone to tell you your fashion sense is…um…creative???

When they know the real reason behind why you love a “dad bod”…

A good friend knows all your stories. A best friend helps you write them. 

“Wingman says” is the part of your profile where friends can have their say on you – (with your approval, of course!),letting a potential match find out more about what makes you great.

As Cosmopolitan says, “no one knows you better or is a better advocate for you than your BFF’s, which is what makes Wingman great.”

Letting friends decide the vibe can be a good thing for those who are a little shy when it comes to dating. 

Putting yourself out there can be a frightening thought for some however with the Wingman® App, friends can support and guide their hesitant single friend from writing their profile to helping them say YES to potential matches.

The great thing about being a matchmaker?

It’s Not About You.

It’s all about your single friend. 

If your friends are not the “dating” type, this is your chance to step in and help them break the ice.

See who can do the better job at finding the perfect match.

Download the Wingman® app in the App store and Google Play store. Available in the US and UK for IOS and Android devices.