How To Write The Best "Wingman Says" Profile

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Your guide to writing the best profile for your single friend

So, you’ve downloaded Wingman and are struggling to write your single friend’s profile?

While describing them generally as funny, nice and kind is alright...

Chances are, it won’t be doing them any justice.

Fear not, the Wingman team are here to help.

Think of us as a wingman to your Hemingway. 

Also…feel free to use the following for your future best man’s speech. 

#1 Mention the Qualities You Admire in Your Friend

If you’re struggling on where to start, talk briefly about how your friendship began.

And what made them become your Bert to your Ernie. 

Did they save you from an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction? 

Bonded over pumpkin lattes? 

Sharing how your story began will give a potential match a glimpse into the type of person they are.

Whether they’re good in a crisis or throw the best surprises, the best relationships start out in friendship.

Did you know your single friend can add more than one wingman?

By nudging them to add more friends, the pressure is slightly taken off you to write THE BEST WINGMAN PROFILE EVER.

Just be prepared to share the glory with the others if it ends in happily ever after.

#2 Describe Who You Would Love to See Them With 

Saying you want your single friend to meet someone who is tall dark and handsome…

Is pretty generic.

Equally, saying you want to set them up with someone blonde, 5ft 6in, likes to go to the gym on Wednesdays and Fridays and hates mushrooms …

Is too niche.

You want to find a happy medium.

Tall, dark and handsome… and needs to be a fan of Dr Who

Works better.

If your single friend loves their dog more than you, it’s fair to mention that a potential match needs to be good with dogs.

Rather than writing a list of do’s and don’ts, describe the sort of person you feel would suit your friend.

Maybe they should be able to understand your friend’s dry sense of humour…

Or don’t mind spending weekends brunching and playing mini golf.

It’s someone you can see being part of your friendship group.

A member of the squad.


You don’t want to be seen as a third wheel in their potential relationship by being overly demanding.

#3 Share A Funny Fact About Them 

Are half of the pages they follow on Instagram of cute dogs?

Or maybe they can quote every line of a Dawson’s Creek episode?

Pockets of insights like these will make your single friend’s profile stand out and be the conversation starter they need.

Remember your friend will need to approve the profile you’ve written before matches start seeing them.

So, you won’t be doing your single friend any favours by writing about your Vegas adventures together.

#4 Their interests…How were they inspired to get into it/ what they like about it 

It’s all good saying they’re into art and nature… but why?


Were they naturally gifted at painting as a child or maybe being outdoors is their way of de-stressing?

Explain briefly what inspired them to do it and what it means to them. 

This will give whoever is reading it a wider picture of your friend and upgrade a generic profile into someone worth meeting. 

Especially, if having a common interest is important to them.

A report by Statistic brain found 64 per cent of people surveyed said, shared interest was the most important thing they’re looking for when dating online. 

Make it short – save the full story for the memoir.

#5 Finally…Be Honest 

Save your single friend (and the person they’ll be introduced to) from disappointment by sticking to the truth.

According to Huffington Post, over half of Americans make up some or all of their dating profile details.

As a wingman, you should want to see your friend with someone who will accept them for them.

You want to do a good but HONEST job of describing your single friend.

Don’t exaggerate or under-sell them. 

Describing them as a philanthropist is not the same as donating to charity once in a while. 

However, if your friend is usually humble…

“Wingman Says” is your opportunity to show them some appreciation. 

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Photo Credit: Photo by Grizzly Hn on Unsplash