The 5 Dating Scenarios When You Need A Wingman By Your Side

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A wingman to suit every situation.

How often do you find yourself possibly meeting a great person but struggle on that first conversation? 

Enter wingman. 

The person that will sing your praises and make you sound like the next best thing since sliced bread. 

Just make sure they’re less of a ventriloquist and more of a proud buddy.

1.    The One Where You’re Invited To A Friends’ Group Weekend

Fun, adventure and…possibly the start of something new, a weekend getaway with old and new friends could be the perfect opportunity to get a start with someone you’re interested in.

Your best friend invited their cute work friend? Get an introduction.

Then suggest a get-to-know-you hike (let’s pretend that’s a thing).

2.    The One Where You’re Placed On The Single’s Table At A Wedding

What better event to find love than the very place celebrating those who’ve already found it. 

Your wingman is probably doing you a favour if you’re sitting on a table full of single people. 

Friend of the groom + Friend of the bride = Nice to meet ya… right?

3.    The One With The Birthday Bash Where You Know One Person

Is there anything more daunting than spending an evening in a room full of people you barely know? 

Instead of making friends with the snack bar, get whoever invited you to introduce you to someone and take it from there.

Extra friendship points to the wingman who introduces you to another fabulous single.

4.    The One With The Christmas Office Party

Everyone’s feeling festive and the one time of the year you get to really know who you’ve been working with. 

You know, without the spreadsheet talk. 

Had your eye on the office cutie? 

Get your office wingman to introduce you both under the mistletoe.

5.    The One With The BIG NIGHT OUT!

If you’re more the night in type, then make the most of the time you actually do go on a big night out.

Grab another single friend and make a pact to introduce each other to someone.

Spotted someone across the bar? Send in your wingman… preferably before they’re wasted.

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Photo Credit: Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash