How To Meet People In 2019

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Because sitting in all day is apparently not living.

We all know dating in 2019 is:

If solo existence is not for you, great news, there is more than one way to meet people. 


Two thirds of online dating users have dated someone they met online. That's right, whether that’s sliding into the DM’s on Instagram or matching on an app, it’s safe to say the Internet has revolutionised dating. 

Flirting through likes, leaving comments with a single emoji and making in app purchases to make sure they know you REALLY like them are just some of the ways people date in 2019.

If you live a hectic life or don’t want to spend money on a date with people you barely know, dating apps/ online dating is a great way to get to know someone before you decide it’s worth meeting face to face.

Meeting through friends

Still one of the most popular ways to meet people, friends can play an important part in helping you find love. A survey by Report Linker found that 39% of people met their partner through friends. All it takes is a mutual acquaintance, be it at a friend’s birthday bash or a group holiday, knowing someone in common, is relatively less daunting than meeting up with a stranger.

Speed dating/ dating events

Hear me out.

Speed dating may seem like an archaic version of dating but is actually one of the few ways you can still meet people in real life without a tonne of pressure.

Yes you probably have about 2 minutes to impress someone but at least you don’t have to waste hours trying to force a conversation when you know it’s not going anywhere. 

The awkward moment when you really like someone only to find out they’re already taken?

Avoid that pitfall by going to events like speed dating where you can guarantee (hopefully!) everyone there will be single.

Shared interests

Chances are, you’re more likely to meet someone when you least expect it. It could be at your favourite brunch place, at the gym you go every week or even that cooking class you say you’ll take one day. Being in an environment that makes you happy and brings you joy, may attract the very people you hope to meet.

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