Here’s how to make the most out of virtual dating.

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Because going out was so last year.

There is a good chance many of us have taken to using video calls during this pandemic when we would have avoided it with all of our will pre-quarantine.

If you’re single, arguably, this is the best time if you’ve always wanted to put more effort into dating. While there’s nothing like meeting a person in real life (save it for post-quarantine life), the next best thing is a virtual date. 

Dating via a screen can be awkward but it’s the best way (in the current situation) to eliminate any suspicions of catfishes and seeing if they’re worth making time for after isolation.

Here are some tips on how to upgrade your virtual dating experience:

Upload short videos/boomerangs onto your dating profile

Along with your bio, whether you like to admit it or not, your choice of photos will determine whether you’ll be a swipe right or a swipe left. Stand out from the sea of selfies and give whoever browsing, the chance to see your personality, which is hard to see from a static photo. A short video (Boomerang style) or a gif that represents your mood can make your profile swipe-right worthy. Get your Wingman to review your profile or better still, write you a recommendation!  

Gif/meme idea: Me before quarantine vs Me after quarantine

When to initiate a video call

If this is the first time you’re fully embracing video calling then it can still be intimidating talking to someone in a romantic sense, even if it is behind a screen. Make sure you’re ready to take the step first and not feel like you’re forced into it especially if you’ve only exchanged a handful of messages. Equally, waiting too long if you’ve been chatting for a while can set off their catfish alarm i.e. they’ll start questioning you are not who you say you are. Use your best judgement and trust your feelings, it’s ok to make the first step and request a video chat, they might be waiting for you to!

Set the atmosphere

Just because your date isn’t in a formal setting, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make some sort of effort. Treat it like a regular date and aim to make a good impression. Good lighting is key, avoid darkened rooms with harsh lighting – you want your date to be able to see you.

If it’s your first video call, avoid sitting on your bed if you don’t want to give off any wrong signals. Instead, you can still flirt virtually but from a less pressurized space at home. Try from the sofa or from the kitchen for a comfortable approach and not from your working desk to avoid it feeling like a meeting/interview.

When to end a call if you’re not feeling it

It can be tricky to politely end a date as past excuses have now become defunct.  “Sorry, I need get up early for work” or “I’m meeting a friend later” aren’t going to work now that we’re all isolating at home. While the best approach is to be honest if a date isn’t going as you expected, it can be hard to bring it up if you’re worried about hurting their feelings. 

For when you need extra time to contemplate your feelings, try using these to exit the call politely:

-       I promised my friend I’d call her/him soon

-       I’m going to be late for an online exercise class

-       I need to prep for an early morning virtual meeting tomorrow

-       I’m trying out a new early sleep pattern to see if it can boost my productivity. 

But if the date is going well, here are a few more future date ideas: 

-       Send each other a recipe for a meal to cook and enjoy a dinner date via video call. 

-       See if your movie opinions are the same by watching one together thanks to Netflix Party.

-       Quiz night – Test your knowledge and see who is the better Brainiac!

-       Create a Spotify playlist together – Share your favourite songs and listen to them when you’re thinking of one another.

-       Make date night a regular thing so you can look forward to it in the week.

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