7 Lies We've Told On Dating Profiles

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I am (insert aspirational height).

We all have been guilty of telling a white lie here and there and none more so than on a dating profile.

Studies have found men are more likely to exaggerate their height and lie about what they do for a living while women tend to underplay their actual weight and have less truthful photos than men. 

Here are some common lies people tell on their dating profiles:

“Looking for a serious relationship” 

AKA here for a good time not a long time. While there may be a good percentage of people who might be looking for a serious relationship, there are a couple people who use the pretence of “interested in a serious relationship” to get matches and if they feel like they can’t seal the deal within their allotted time, they’re ready to get back in the pond, searching for new bait. 

“This is me” photo 

When was the last time any of us have uploaded a photo that hasn’t been edited or filtered at all? All we see now are dog filters, mirror selfies and a picture of us 10 years ago that we’re hoping still looks like us. The sad reality is that when you eventually meet the person you like, you aren’t going to have any of the filters to hide behind so why not save the disappointment for the both of you and be honest. 

I love to travel

In reality, it means from the couch to the kitchen. Travel is the overused buzzword for dating profiles since online dating began… but how many of us can actually class it as a hobby? Going somewhere in your gap year 5 years ago doesn’t count. 

She/He’s my friend 

A pet peeve of any online dater is when they see a photo of the person in the arms of attractive company. Now it can be as innocent as just their family member or a friend but as a potential match, we don’t know that. Is that your ex??? Are you trying to make yourself more attractive? Hang on… which one are you? If the mind games are already starting with a couple of photos, it’s hard to see how this will go. 


I wrote this profile 

More like the first search result on Google did. I get it, trying to write your bio and to sound vaguely interesting might trigger stress inducing flashbacks to your biology exam, but copying the first thing you think sounds good, isn’t exactly the right approach to showing the real you. Nor when you finally start talking to people.

study by Journal of Communications found that more than 1/3 of lies people told during the chatting phase of online dating were that of self-presentation, e.g pretending to have similar interests. If you’re really struggling with writing your profile, outsource it to a friend and this way the other party knows

I’m Single

The corker of a lie that some of us have been burned by way too many times. Are we mistaken to think that online dating platforms are strictly for Singles? Yes. Did you know 7% of people in the US use a dating website/app to cheat on their significant other?  No one wants to be second best.

I have a dog

Some lies can be forgiven but others… not so much. We’ll admit it, we pretty much swiped yes on you because you had a cute dog and then you say you don’t have one? What cruel inception is this?

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