Why Is Dating So Hard?

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Single and still ready to mingle to the end of time apparently.

Some things in life are just difficult.

Like resisting the urge to eat hot pizza.

Or walking past a cute dog and not smiling.

Or finding someone who can tolerate us so, you know, we don’t die alone. 

Why in 2019, is there not a dating’s anonymous group we can join where we can air out our issues without being heckled in the comments (looking at you, Reddit). 

There’s a reason (or multiple) why some of us are forever single and that’s because…

People never want to meet IRL

What is the aversion to having a face-to-face conversation? Seriously, do we really want the screen playing third wheel for the rest of whatever the hell this is? There’s only so much grammar correcting I can do before I get it, you’re either a scammer or someone who gets a kick out of people correcting you.

It’s so damn expensive

People use this excuse to avoid the above point but who said it had to be this way? From buying a new outfit to splashing out on food, it’s a lot for someone you’re potentially never going to see again. Then again, there’s the potential that you’ll end up with them in the future and it would be kind of lame to have the memory of your first date being you turning up in a dress that vaguely smelled clean. 

There never seems to be enough time

Between your gruelling day at work, hanging out with friends and catching up on Netflix (so you don’t get FOMO), is there really enough time to date? Let me tell you, you’re a champion if you’ve got enough energy to do that. Other than resorting to booking a week off work or using up vacation time, dating is a full-time job in itself, which let’s be honest, should deserve our best.

Conversations are really hard

Why is it easier to talk to a stranger when you’re waiting in line than when you’re on a date? Is it the expectation? Or if you don’t talk, the awkwardness will kill you both. 

Tell me if this sounds familiar. 

You say every variation of hi before asking, How are you? at least twice (they’ve already answered but you didn’t listen)

You say something vaguely funny about the location and they laugh out of courtesy

You ask all the things people ask on a date while also thinking “ I wonder what I should have for lunch tomorrow?.” 

If you’ve ran out of things to talk about, you make up an excuse saying you need to get back for your dog (that doesn’t exist and you hope they don’t ask about it further) or you have an early start (which is always true). 

People are exhausting and couple that with your overworked and anxious mind, and yep… that’s what you’d call a date apparently. 

The unwritten rules are so confusing

So many rules. How to avoid the awkward goodbye, how long should you wait to see if there’s a second date? What If you don’t want a second date? Can we please stop calling it a date now? 

Despite the pains, we accept it’s a part of life’s struggles and hopefully at the end of it we will eventually find what we’re looking for, am I right?

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