Which star sign makes the best wingman?

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Check the stars before you choose your wingman.

Every star sign has it's pros and cons when it comes to friendship and love, see what yours says:


Known as the “Mom” of the group, Capricorns are the responsible one’s in a friendship. You can count on them to be rational when it comes to solving dating dilemmas, create a group chat to debrief after dates and organise the pity party after a breakup. Trying to fight them on their opinion is a no-go but you can have fun trying.


The deep thinker of the group, they will liberate you from your typical type. Insistent on introducing you to a new species of human, Aquariuses are quite analytical and they see what you often can’t see. Expect them to show up randomly in moments of crisis and drop wisdom like the free spirits they are.


Geminis have good taste, so if you ever want them to pick out someone for you, don’t hesitate to let them. On the other hand, if you want them to agree with your opinion, better luck never. Need to build your self-esteem before a big date? Geminis will be on hand to hype you up.


The emotional guru of the group, you can count on them to help figure out what it is that you really want. They know when it’s time to get rid of the ex but can tell you in a gentle way that doesn’t make you want to cry. 


They will be your No.1 cheerleader, they’re all about the positive vibes even if you’ve just got dumped. Don’t try hiding anything from them, they will seek it out of you so they’re great at stopping you from making mistakes. If you’re shy or nervous about dating again, they will pull you out of your funk and get you out there again. 


The protector of the group, they will be your ride or die who accepts you as you are and to hell with those who don’t. When shit hits the fan, they’re the ones to go to. Scared to be heartbroken again? Not if you have a Taurus around, they’ll protect your heart for you and are devoted to make sure they bring out the best in you.


They are one of the few star signs who will hear you out if you’re thinking about getting back with an ex. Usually one to figure out the true colours of a person quickly, Cancers make good wingmen as they always have your back.


Considered life of the party, Leos make excellent social buddies. They won’t be afraid to introduce you to people and may just be what you need if you’re suffering from dating fatigue. If someone crosses you, they’re willing to teach them what R-E-S-P-E-C-T is.


Eager to help, Virgos are there if you ever need advice, whether that’s on how to follow up after a good date or when to cut ties when things are going wrong. They will help you see all perspectives of a situation so you don’t have to, making them a good wingman when you’re stuck with a decision.


When you need to keep calm in a situation, Libras are good friends to have around. Level headed, they’re very observant and know if you’re over-reacting. A good negotiator, they will guarantee you a date.


You can rely on Scorpios to keep a secret. Do you have a secret crush? They’ll know what to do. If you’re friends with one, count yourself lucky as they’re only loyal to a few. They’ll be your third eye when you need them to be.


When you need joy in life, look no further than your Sagittarius friends. Up for living life to the fullest, they’ll make sure they find you someone who matches your spirit. Afraid of rejection? They’ll take it on your behalf and keep you motivated till you’re brave enough to face it on your own.

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