The Wingman Awards - 2020

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We crown the best "Wingman Says" we've seen in 2020.

This year has been tough on so many levels. No matter your background, gender or location, we’ve all been affected by Covid 19.

In true Wingman style, we have been overwhelmed by the surge of users and the diversity we have seen. At a time, where everyone is feeling void of connections, we wanted to be a safe space for friends and family to come and share the dating journey together.

We welcomed first time daters and seasoned daters. Friends who wanted to help their single friends they couldn't meet in person. Parents finally getting the OK from their children to help them pick a match. Siblings who knew they could do a better job at spotting the good, the bad and the definitely no's.

At Wingman HQ, we loved seeing the wit and insight of wingmen and wingwomen who've written excellent bios for their single friends.

Here’s some of our favourite bios we’ve read over the year that put a smile on our faces and reminds us all that even in adversity, love and Wingman finds a way.

The bio's from Brits in the UK that made us laugh:

"He learnt how to cook but realised fire insurance is too expensive. Sports enthusiast with access to handcuffs."

"She does the most disgusting farts it smells like something has crawled up her arse and died. Oh but she’s super funny and she likes sex.... a lot."

"During a tough mudder race, he leapt up a 14ft vertical wall like a gazelle. He also has genuine uplifting positivity in every situation. Great person to be around!"

"He's into gaming and home brewing. Can one of you teach this man how to dance."

"Her humour is fire. She's kind of a bitch. Not a fake one though. Loves sports and enjoys drinking."

"Loyal but no facial hair. His only other relationship is with the gym. You won't regret it."

The bios from the US that made us say awww and wish we had these friends:

" She has a way of being my voice of reason and adventure buddy all wrapped in one. There's no problem her hugs can't fix, no karaoke song she can't slay, if you're looking for southern charm, mixed with midwest nice, look no further."

"She is always smiling and positive. She would drop everything to help out someone who needs her. The most genuine, down to earth person who is comfortable in her own skin and has worked hard to get where she is today. She’s amazing and is waiting for the man for her."

"My boi has a car, a good job & doesn't live with his parents. He's a cool chill dude who loves to play video games. He has good fashion sense as I trained him myself so he won't look like a nerdy slob. If you're nerdy, click on by boi!

"If you can't handle a sweet soul and caring person, keep swiping. She is the best friend that would be there for you in any time of need. She deserves nothing but the best."

"He is one of the kindest people in the world. One of the brightest shining lights I've ever met. Extremely thoughtful and any person will be lucky to even be associated with her."

"A COD playing, margarita slinging, Jaws-loving bad ass bitch. A little pepper of sunshine, full of puns and Mexican food. You may know her from things like "Speaking Spanish when Drunk" or "Playing Smash Bro's on an N64". She's a partner you want by your side."

And not forgetting the wingman brother we all want:

"Well she's my sister, I gotta like you better than her. She aight tho."

Who has the best wingmen? UK or USA? Tweet us at @wingmanapp.

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