Which Type Of Friend Would Make The Best Wingman?

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Some will do better than others.

We all have friends we go to when we have dating dilemmas but have you ever wondered why some are greater at giving advice than others?  

Introducing the “situational wingman”.

The person or people you go to depending on your current dating dilemma.

Let’s break it down:

Childhood Friend

The one’s who’ve known you the longest. They knew you before you knew yourself. Having grown up with you, they can help you work out why you’re feeling the way you are. They are the knowledge-bearers of your past experiences and can help you see things in perspective. You can count on them for loyalty but when you want an objective opinion, you may need to look elsewhere. 

Pros - Known you the longest 

Cons – Might not know the person you are today

Go to: When you’re worried if your past is holding you back

Work Mates

Possibly the people you spend most of the hours of a day with, your work friends could give great insight into how to manage your work/life balance. If you’re struggling to find the time to date or maintain a relationship, your colleagues are likely to relate to you on some scale. However, if you have a separate “work me” and a “personal me” side, then you might not get the advice you’re looking for (seeing as your love life is your personal life!). If your work in a competitive environment, then you can’t always count on people to be honest about their dating/love life struggles for the fear of coming across even mildly inadequate. 

Pros: Spend the longest hours with you

Cons: Competitive mentality

Go to: When you need to share your dating struggles/stories 

Party friends

The guys you have the most fun with. If you’re single, there’s no better group to get advice from when it comes to meeting people but if you’re somewhat committed, they might not be so great at giving advice for the long-term. Your party friends are the people you would mingle with only when there’s an occasion, celebration or some sort of gathering. They love hearing about where everyone is in their life but aren’t fully invested to care about what happens in the distance future. They would be great at giving you advice on thinking about the here and now and what you should do in the moment.

Pros: Can remind you of the present time

Cons: Don’t think about the long term

Go to: When you’re thinking if you should go for it

Hobby friends 

They’re the people you hang out with to get away from the hectic pace of your daily life. Whether it’s at the gym or doing a sport together, you can share parts of your life without them getting the full picture. This means they are good at giving objective advice as they would look at the situation rather than the person (you) which may be helpful if you’re way too anxious about yourself. 

Pros: Objective viewpoint 

Cons: Don’t care too much of the outcome

Go to: When you’re worried about overthinking it

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