The 8 Worst Date Stories We’ve Ever Heard

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For every good date, there are several hilariously bad ones.

1.    Like father, like son

I once went on a date with a guy I matched with on an app. When he turned up, he looked considerably older than he did in his photo and when I pulled him up on it, he gave a vague evasive answer. Finally, he admitted that he actually used a photo of his son and hoped the resemblance would pass!

2.    Grave danger

I had been chatting with a girl online for a few weeks and when it came to arranging a date, she suggested we meet at the graveyard. It was so out of the blue, I thought she was joking but turns out she was really into the afterlife. I was curious since we’d been talking for quite a long time so I went. She had laid out a picnic blanket on someone’s grave and wanted us to eat on it. I was too hungry to leave so I stayed and tried to ignore the morbidity. There was no second date. 

3.    Double trouble

My friend set me up on a blind date with someone he knew. We met up at a local mini golf and as we were playing, I kept getting a feeling that we were being watched. As I came back from the bathroom, I saw her chatting to someone. Turns out, she had brought a mate along to “keep an eye on things”. She joined us on the next round and they ended up interrogating me and having a better time so I just left them to it. 

 4.    Ghost hunter gone rogue

I had matched with a guy who had ghosted my friend a while back and wanted to find out why on her behalf. Turns out he recently broke up with his ex and thought it wasn’t fair to my friend to start something when he was emotionally unavailable. We kept chatting as we had the same sense of humour and things in common and I found myself really starting to like him. Fast forward two weeks, we arrange to meet up and he doesn’t even show up! My friend still hasn't forgiven me.

5.    Hit and run

I went on a first date with a guy and as we crossed the road to head into the restaurant, a car reversed into him. He insisted it barely got him and he was fine. Half way through the meal, I realised his leg was bleeding and he was trying to style it out. We had to call an ambulance in the end and I was stuck paying the dinner bill!

6.    Wings for days

I was on a date with a girl who claimed she was a vegetarian. As we got up to leave, a chicken wing fell out of her pocket. She awkwardly laughed it off and made a swift exit leaving me baffled. When I asked her about it, she said she was saving it for tonight as she doesn’t eat chicken before 8pm. 

7.    Expectation vs Reality

A guy who I had a crush on in high school asked me out when we met at a mutual friend’s birthday party. I was over the moon and we arranged to meet up quite quickly as he wasn’t really into texting. We went for dinner and I realised I was doing most of the talking. When I asked him about himself, he gave one word answers and wasn’t very conversational. After several awkward silences, I was gearing up to let him down gently and he straight up said I’m a “lovely girl” but things won’t work out between us!

8.    Frenemies

As the only single guy in my friendship group, my friends were always insistent on helping me with my dating life. Determined I can find someone on my own, I said yes to the first person I matched with online. After a couple of dates with her, I suggested we go out with some of my friends. She did not like them AT ALL and the feeling was mutual from them. She ended up having a fully blown argument with one of them and stormed out, never to be heard from again. 

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