The 6 Type Of Friends We Have During Christmas

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Everyone has a festive personality. What’s yours?

Christmas is a time that either brings out the best or worst in us. 

There’s always that one friend, whose festive spirit is enough to put us off our eggnog.

Or pretends like the holidays don’t exist.

Here are 6 types of friends we’ve all come across.

The Over Preparer

You treat the holiday season as a controlled mission that’s carried out with military precision. Most likely, you would have bought all your gifts before the start of December, put up your tree way before expected and started stockpiling food so you never run out before the big day. You know exactly hour by hour, what you’ll be doing on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and have taken into account all possible variables including crazy uncle John.

The Scrooge

Your festive spirit is pretty much non-existent. You think Christmas is wildly overrated, full of pressure and used as an excuse to distract us from our daily lives. Even Mariah’s iconic Christmas bop couldn’t change your mind, in fact you’d happily sign a petition to have it banned. Skip the terrible decorations and roll on the new year, is what you'd say. 

The Social Media Santa

You’ve been waiting all year to start posting Christmas themed pictures and you’re on the lookout for every festive photo-op there is in a 10-mile radius. You want to go to every Christmas market and gram-worthy store front, often bribing one of your friends to be chief photographer with the promise of baked goods. If you don’t take at least a dozen photos, did Christmas really happen?  

The Booze Hound

The only reason you like Christmas is so you can finally embrace your love of drinking, without being judged. You’ve probably attempted to make your own mulled wine before but gave up and just bought it from the professionals. Even eggnog seems appetising when served in a Christmas-themed mug.

The Lazy Late Comer

You don’t get all the fuss but unlike The Scrooge, you enjoy Christmas… just when you can be bothered. You wait till the last week before the 25th to put your tree up, use the same decorations every year and buy your presents on Christmas Eve. On the day, you’re more likely to just sit on the couch until the food is ready, getting away with helping as little as possible. 

The Bargain Chaser

The only reason you like Christmas is because of all the savings that come with it. You’re a sucker for anything that’s half price and often stock up on things that will last you all of next year. Whether its food, clothes or tree decorations, you’ve got a dedicated space for all your goods. You’re the first one up on Boxing Day, ready to hit the sales making sure you have the final Sleigh!

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