The 3 Key Tips For Your New Relationship

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Our relationship expert, Dr Pam Spurr (on Twitter and Instagram @drpamspurr) gives us the three important tips to keep in mind when you start a new relationship.

How can you keep your fledgling relationship a happy one? After all, plenty of relationships start well but soon go off the rails. And that’s very painful when you had such high hopes at first.

It only takes a few key tips to protect your new relationship. Although these tips seem like common sense (and they are!) many people don’t think about these. That means they give their new relationship less chance of surviving the times we are in.

The strength of your new love not only makes you feel fantastic but also plays an essential part in your general well-being. Preventing relationship-rot is better than the cure, so keep it on track from the start.

Most of what keeps your new relationship happy is that old miracle worker: your awareness of these key tips. With sexual chemistry whizzing through you, plus your insecurities and their potential insecurities, means common sense can go out the window.

To prevent that happening, let’s take a look at these simple rules for keeping your new love wanting more, since you want more of them!

Key tips for your new relationship

For starters, the foundation of relationship maintenance are these three key relationship boosters - my three ‘Rs’: respect, responsibility and being realistic so here goes:

1. You show respect for yourself and him/her. When you have self-respect plus respect for them, you’ll be aware of hurtful behaviour from either direction. Either towards you or when you slip up and aren’t behaving particularly well towards them.

2. You take responsibility for your part of the relationship. When you take responsibility for your share of a new relationship you behave in an emotionally mature way. You don’t become dependent on them for your happiness or let them get overly dependent on you. You realise what you put into your relationship, you're likely to get back.

3. You are realistic about what makes an emotionally healthy and happy relationship – and what realistically you can expect from them. You’ve ditched any ridiculously long list of expectations. Instead you’re focused on the crucial attributes that make a happy relationship.

Good luck and happy dating, Pam x

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