Storytime: It's All About Me!

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Guest Author Sam Tomlin talks dating disasters and disappointing times of trying to find "the one".

Well, where was Wingman App when I was in my twenties and dating… badly?

I blame that on the fact I was always the tallest person in the room and yet felt invisible! 

(Calls therapist) 

Before dating was reinvented with technology, the only swiping that existed was when you had to pay for the drinks after a disappointing night of trying to find “the one”.

All the guys would bowl up and reel off how amazing they were and we were expected to just smile and not vomit on the floor in front of them!! 

Once dating via an app became a thing, it made meeting someone less daunting. 

It looked like the perfect idea but stopped abruptly when I had to write a bio! 

Could I say I was funny and love getting drunk on cheap wine and was utterly fabulous? 


If only there was an app that let my friends do it for me…

They could have said how fabulous I was - without it being a self-obsessed paragraph that I would expect any self-respecting potential date to think, “What a diva!”

* (Swipes left) * with vigour. 

When I heard about the app, Wingman, it’s like cupid was listening to me.

Now there’s technology to get our besties to write our bio and swipe for us, I now expect the era of perfect matches. 

Happy Swiping Wingman gang.