An Open Letter To Everyone Who Is Single This Valentine’s Day

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You are not a loser. I repeat. You are NOT a loser.

Dear Singles,

February 14th

A normal day to those who haven’t been subjected to cheesy cards, cheap chocolates and Ryan Gosling declaring his undying love in the rain. However, for the rest of us who haven’t known a February 14th without the customary “Happy Valentine’s Day” from a persistent sales assistant, it’s often a tiresome day pretending we aren’t going home to a bottle of wine and pizza for one. 

This year, I propose we move away from admiring fictional characters (that would actually be terrifying to meet in real life - looking at you, Joe Goldberg) and embrace the day to do whatever the hell we want.

For starters: 

1.    You are not a loser, you take your time – Just like ripened cheese, you are worth waiting for. Use the time to find out more about yourself – e.g. are you a bad cook or have you just not attempted to move past making toast? Figure out who you are now so you’re ready for a relationship you want and deserve.

2.    Any money you spend today will be on yourself just like you intended – Monetary wastage on unwanted gifts is non-existent when you’re single. The dilemma on getting the perfect gift for another is one you won’t have. Instead, the only decision you’ll be making is which expensive chocolates you deserve. However, if you’re sick of the self-indulgence, why not send some love to those who might need it the most

3.    Friends are important – What’s often neglected when you’re in a relationship? Your friends. It’s hard to divide your time between your partner, your friends and yourself but when you’re single… it isn’t. This Valentine’s day, why not make plans with those you know best or better yet, ask a single friend to be your wingman and see if love is, indeed, elusive to find solo.

4.    You get to CHOOSE what you watch – Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to watch romantic movies on the most romantic day of the year. So what if you prefer watching murder mysteries over Maid in Manhattan? Discover a new favourite this Valentine’s and be grateful you don’t have to share your snacks. Quentin Tarantino it is then. 

5. If you really are miserable on the day… Find a date – The best time of the year to find other single people is on Valentine’s Day. Whether that’s through swiping on a dating app or scoping the bar, others will likely be riding solo this day as well.

Remember, it’s ONLY 24 hours. If it’s really a holiday, we would have got the day off.

Wingman Out x

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