Why Being Single This Christmas Is Not As Bad As You Think

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A gentle reminder to all families, being single is normal!

Hands up if this festive season, the only #couplegoals picture you’ll be taking is with your festive-sweater wearing dog?  

Despite what the movies say, you don’t need to meet the love of your life to have a great Christmas. It’s time people realised being single is not something to be frowned upon nor should it warrant heavy sighs from concerned relatives.

4 Reasons Why Being Single This Christmas Can Be Great:

Spend Time with Family

The holidays are usually the only time of the year where you can really look forward to spending time with the family. Rather than splitting hours between houses and struggling to wolf down a mince pie while stuck in traffic, you’ll be part of a select number of people who can actually enjoy Christmas. Sit back and relax on your mom’s couch, enjoy watching Home Alone and relish the fact you get to relive your 90’s childhood. Say goodbye to guilt (if you love being around your family that is) or at least until you’ve drank your fifth round of eggnog and said something you shouldn’t have. Sorry, Aunt Esther!

Say ‘Sayonara’ To Gift Giving Dilemmas

If the traditional convention of gift giving is one you’re happy to avoid, then single life is the one for you. Probably one of the greatest perks of being single, is not having to worry about wowing your partner with the greatest gift of all time. Save some coin this Christmas but if you’re someone who loves presents, treat yo’self to a mystery gift box like this one or to a new subscription service

Finally Get to Focus on Yourself 

You get to end the year with the best person you know – YOU! Take advantage of your single status to celebrate what you’ve accomplished this year. Rather than secretly feeling overshadowed by a partner’s success, being single means you get to reflect on how the year has been for you and look forward to your own goals and what comes next. 

Fresh perspective when you’re ready to date again

If you find yourself being reluctantly single this Christmas, use this period to gain some well-needed perspective before you start searching for ‘the one’ again in the new year. Had too many bad dates in a row this year? Ask a good friend to step in and pick matches for you instead. Have your after-turkey game sorted by passing the power of the swipe to a friend and get them to play Wingman for you. Being set up by friends is still one of the best ways to meet people

Happy Holidays x

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Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash