Quiz: What's Holding You Back From Finding Love?

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Our relationship expert Dr Pam Spurr (On Twitter & Instagram @drpamspurr) shares her quiz on what your views on dating reveals about you.

Although there are many culprits that hold someone back from finding love and a happy relationship, here are three main ones. These include being too controlling, overdramatizing things and being too inhibited. Take my quiz to identify if one of these is jeopardising your search for love.

Answers must be completely honest!

1/ How do you react if your new date is late for a date?

A/ I get incredibly anxious and make sure he's not late for the next date

B/ I make a big fuss when they arrive 

C/ I feel upset but I don't say anything 

D/ Doesn't apply

2/ If they make a move on you in bed you don't like, what do you do?

A/ Show them exactly what was wrong with it

B/ I’d probably do something I knew they didn't like - that'll show them

C/ I'd just let them get on with it

D/ Doesn't apply

3/ They want to go out in a group and you want a romantic date for two - what would you do?

A/ I would scupper the group plans

B/ I'd throw a strop

C/ I'd go out with their friends

D/ Doesn't apply

4/ Your birthday's coming up and they haven’t asked what you want - do you -

A/ Definitely start dropping critical tips and hints

B/ Not do anything but have a row if they don’t get me something special

C/ I wouldn't feel I could do anything

D/ Doesn't apply

5/ You think their mother doesn't like you, how do you handle it?

A/ I'd use little tricks to win her over but silently fume and expect them to stand up for me

B/ I’d criticise her and probably hope for a row between them 

C/ I wouldn't know what to do about it 

D/ Doesn't apply

6/ Early on who should pay for dates?

A/ I'd offer but definitely orchestrate it so they'd pay

B/ There's no way I'm paying

C/ I always offer

D/ Doesn't apply

7/ You don't think they like your friends - 

A/ Not tell them but invite my friends along when I feel like it

B/ Kick up a big fuss

C/ Not spend time with them when my new date is around

D/ Doesn't apply

8/ They aren’t very good at expressing their feelings so would you -

A/ Guilt-trip them into expressing them, e.g., saying all my other exes did

B/ I definitely wouldn't handle it well 

C/ Accept that's the way they are 

D/ Doesn't apply

Mainly AsToo controlling - Relationship control freak

It's no wonder your relationships fail - no one likes to be controlled. Seems you use a variety of tactics to get your way even if they're not that obvious. Try these tips: learn to let go generally in your life. Don't feel everything has to be perfect. Throw caution to the wind, change plans and be prepared to be spontaneous. When you feel the urge to control the next person you meet, back off. Remind yourself you haven't been able to control love in the past and you don't want to ruin things now.