Would You Let Your Mum Be Your Wingman?

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Guest Author, Samantha Tomlin, tells us why she's contemplating letting her mother be her wingwoman.

Mums are the best and should always be celebrated but especially at this time of year...... It’s Mothers day! (Quick order the card from Moon Pig).

The influx of flowers and chocolates and breakfast in bed are about to be heaped on all mums in the UK.

Now we all love our mums and we know they all want the best for us. Maybe occasionally, they are blind to our imperfections and inability to hold down a steady job or a committed relationship but what if we did let our mums take over our dating lives?

I'm not saying we have to hand over our phones and all our passwords because let's be honest, we can spare them from the unsolicited pop ups and group chats we have going on (no one needs to see Big Dave and his latest antics).

She can however use the Wingman App and still have the power she has so long craved! Sifting through hundreds of potential son/daughter in laws in the words of those that know them best with only a touch of a button or swipe of a screen is her dream!!!! 

Now my mother, whom I love implicitly, would write me a profile that would make anyone think I was literally a cross between Margot Robbie (for the looks) and Mark Zuckerberg (for the business acumen). The only thing I need to worry about is that the reality would be a crushing disappointment to my perspective date but judging by past experiences, I doubt anyone will be good enough for her little angel so that may not yet be an issue! Possibly.

While my mum and I have differing opinions on who I should date, she did teach me a valuable lesson.

To embrace the good qualities only a mother could see in us and learn to love ourselves as a mother loves her child...... 😇 happy smothers.... erm I mean Mothers Day all 🤪 

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