How To Survive Cuffing Season

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It's that time of the year again folks! Are you really looking for love...or something temporary?

Autumn is here and so is the annual mating season known as “Cuffing season”. The nights are getting colder, going on dates outside seems less desirable and the feeling of staying in and binge watching shows together becomes stronger. 

Cuffing season, the term used to describe daters who couple up rapidly between the months of October and February has recently trended in the dating sphere.

To save yourself some heartbreak, here are our tips on how to survive cuffing season the right way.

Date on your terms

It can be very tempting to date someone for the sake of it, especially when it’s the season where your family interrogates you about your love life. The notion that single = unhappy is an outdated one and for a lot of our families, they are used to seeing it from their side. Remember your happiness doesn’t equate to everyone else’s. 

If you’re dating casually during cuffing season, don’t feel pressure to move quicker than you normally would just for table talk.

Go at your own pace

If the new person you’re dating is looking to get “cuffed up” sooner than you want, don’t feel pressured to agree. The fear of missing out can trigger people to accept situations where normally they wouldn’t . For example, seeing happy couples on Instagram all cozied up, could persuade you to say yes in moving your relationship to the next level but is that what you truly want? Or what you think you want?