How To Develop The New You

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Our relationship expert Dr Pam Spurr (On Twitter & Instagram @drpamspurr) shares her six tips on how to be the best version of your self in 2022.

2022 is the year to think outside the box when making yourself more ‘date-able’. When you’re feeling better in yourself that’s when you attract the right people into your life.  

So here are six strategies to help develop a new you: 

1. Face a Fresh Challenge

Inject some sparkle into your life by setting yourself a new challenge. When was the last time you felt challenged - mentally or physically? 

Think back to the way ancient men and women lived with daily challenges. It’s in our genes to thrive on challenge but we’re so mollycoddled to the point where we've forgotten what ‘challenge’ is. Do you make the same annual trip to a cosy B&B as a relaxing break? Why not try an activity weekend instead that challenges you to learn a new skill, for example, arts, crafts, maybe sailing? Or you could stop speaking English when you visit Spain each summer, surprising the locals by having learnt Spanish. Try resisting the easy road and face some new challenges.

2. Put Creative Thinking To Use

Your creative juices need to flow and in this context by shaking up the way you’ve viewed an ongoing problem/dilemma. Everyone has ongoing issues - usually swept under the carpet. 

How can you get creative about an ongoing issue? Begin by turning it on its head. Let's say you have a constant frustration with a colleague. You think they're unreasonable and guess what? They probably think you are! The next time you're about to cross swords disagreeing with their proposal, imagine they’re your best friend. What would you say if your best friend made their suggestion? You'd be encouraging. Or if you wanted to alter what they’ve suggested, you'd do so politely and tactfully. Try that with your colleague. They’ll either receive your support with open arms or be speechless.

3. Conquer A Fear