What His Valentine's Gift Reveals About His Feelings Towards You

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Relationship expert, Dr Pam Spurr, unravels the secret love-code in the top 10 Valentine gifts men give.

Hopefully the new man in your life will be giving you a lovely romantic surprise on Valentines - well, there’s always hope! Here are the top 10 gifts and the love-code behind them:

1/ Jewellery - expensive:

Okay, there are two types of jewellery - serious jewellery you can’t wait to flaunt in front of your friends and the fun stuff (below). If he's given you a nice piece of jewellery then he’s seriously committed to your relationship. Men just don't give the good stuff unless you mean something special. Yup, sometimes if he’s loaded he might be happy to show off his cash this way - but often the loaded guys are the cheapest! Until you really mean something to him. Romantic commitment rating: probably 10/10

2/ Jewellery - fun:

Fun jewellery that reflects your personality can be extremely meaningful. So this guy might really have you worked out - despite it being inexpensive - and then it's a terribly good sign that he "gets" you. If it's just cheap - and not symbolic in any way - then his heart’s not in it. Romantic commitment rating: either high or low depending on my comments above

3/ Chocolates:

You've got a good "trad-man" - a man with traditional values who probably enjoys a quite traditional relationship. He may not be the most imaginative guy but he'll probably be a good one. Take the opportunity to use those chocolates in some fabulous foreplay! Romantic commitment rating: 7/10

4/ Flowers:

Flowers point to a real romantic at heart. Check out the flowers to look for specific signals of his feelings. Beautiful red roses signal his passion for you. Pale pink or white blooms can signal he puts you on a pedestal. Beware, if he's put you on a pedestal he may be more into you, then you are into him! Romantic commitment rating: 8/10

5/ Cuddly Toys:

Oh dear, this may not be a good sign! Either he sees you as a bit "little girlish" and may not treat you as the assertive, successful woman you are. Or he's on the immature side and sees this as a loving gift. The only way this can be salvaged is if you two have some sort of joke about cuddly toys and he's using this gift symbolically. Romantic commitment rating: probably low - 4/10

6/ Sexy Underwear:

Ooh la la, this is a sign straight from his underwear! He finds you incredibly sexy and desirable and isn't frightened of showing you that through his gift. He’s already imagined the big seduction scene with you in those - and him ripping them off. Mind you, if they're cheap and nasty ‘tat’, he may have a hankering for some real dirty sex! Romantic commitment rating: probably 6/10


Has he surprised you with a cuddly sweater or maybe classic cashmere? Many men use Valentine’s to show a deep affection by choosing this sort of gift. He may not be the most imaginative boyfriend/partner but he's definitely caring as signalled by this choice. Romantic commitment rating: 8/10

8/ Photo of Him:

Er… this can go either way - either his ego knows no boundaries and he thinks he looks beautiful and you will too. Or it signals increasing commitment to your relationship because he wants you to be reminded of him every day. You can judge this by what your intuition tells you - if he takes longer in front of the mirror then you do in the morning, it's not a good sign. But if he's gone to great lengths to get a picture of both of you then it's a clear signal he's in love. Romantic commitment rating: either high or low depending on my comments above

9/ Scented Candles/Bath Oils:

You've got a metrosexual male on your hands! He's in touch with how much we women like to luxuriate in a warm sensual bath. He’s also signalling he wants to spoil you and sees you as someone who appreciates the good things. He may also just be hinting that he'd like to get in the bath with you, if you haven't already had some sexplay in a ‘water’ scenario. Romantic commitment rating: 8/10

10/ Adult Toys:

Okay, I don't think we need to guess what his intentions are - this is a clear signal that he wants to do some seriously sexy stuff with you. If it's very early in your relationship - watch out - he might just see you as a sexual fling. But if you're confident it's not that, you can take it as a signal that he'd love to have some bedroom adventures with you. Romantic commitment rating: 5/10 (he might be hot in bed but maybe not that committed!)

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