First Date Do's and Don'ts

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Guest author, Sex and Relationship expert, Dr Pam Spurr, gives her tips on how to impress on that all-important first meet-up.

The Place

First dates should never be too formal. If you book dinner at a posh restaurant and can’t stand each other it can feel like an eternity trying to finish your meal and escape! Ideally meet somewhere that has a separate bar as well as a restaurant. Agree to meet for ‘drinks’- if it’s going well and you’re flirting, you can then casually say, ‘Should we eat something?’

If you’ve met through a common interest, e.g., a sport or hobby, it can be fun to do that together but without the rest of the crowd/group who you usually do it with. Sorry Wingman, not this time!

It can make for easy conversation as you talk about your shared interest, allowing you both to feel confident – meaning you open up to each other more easily.

The Outfit

On a first date wear a killer outfit BUT most importantly make sure you feel comfortable in it. If that top just keeps falling down or the shoes are too high you’ll be self conscious all night – which WON’T help your nerves. Here's what colours you should wear for dating success.

The Presence

Establish what I call a ‘comfort zone’ around you – so they feel good in your presence. This means being yourself and relaxed because it’ll make them feel relaxed.

Body language can be a subtle weapon in showing you like them without looking too desperate – turn your body towards them when you’re talking, hold their eye contact just that extra second, they'll soon get the message without you shouting it down a megaphone!

After the Date 

You’ve got to find the balance between seeming keen but also having a life outside your desire for them!  What’s scary is when you’re always available when they ask to meet up and when you always answer the phone when they call. It's ok to let it go to answer-phone and sometimes be busy with great stuff – they’ll want to see you even more!

When you do chat on the phone keep it fun, sexy and flirty – but keep it quite short at first - so they'll look forward to your next call.

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