Dating 101 - The Definition Of A Wingman

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Always wanted to know what the word Wingman means? Read on...

The word may have first been used in the aviation industry but thanks to popular culture and the urban dictionary, Wingman is now commonly used in dating.

Simply put, a wingman is someone who helps your prospects at a romantic relationship.

Whether that’s introducing you to someone fabulous or putting in a good word for you when you’re attracted to someone.

It could be your infinitely single best friend, your know-it-all sister, or … even your adorable dog.

But what exactly makes a good wingman?

If you’re single and haven’t had a wingman to help you out yet, here’s what to look for:

A Wingman Is…. Supportive

The person you pick for this coveted role has to understand YOU.

That means understanding your insecurities when it comes to dating.

You want someone that’ll boost your confidence, NOT tease you every time you fall short.

They aren’t afraid to speak positively about you which is exactly what the Wingman app lets you do.

Beat online dating fatigue by letting your wingman write a profile for you on your behalf. 

A Wingman … Will Make The Introduction 

Always struggling on the opening line?

A wingman would step up and steer the conversation in a comfortable direction before leaving you to carry it on.

This means they’ll have to be confident - but choose wisely.

You want someone that’s positive but not so positive that they’ll undermine you.

If you prefer dating online, your wingman can still make the introduction through the Wingman app.

By swiping right or left on matches, they’ll make you sound awesome in your “Wingman says” profile and make the all-important intro. 

A Wingman … Guides Their Friend Through The Good And Bad Times Of Dating

If there’s been one too many bad dates in a row, you know you’re doing something wrong.

So should your wingman.

It’s their job to subvert your perspective and lead you in a way where you’re not repeating mistakes.

In the wise words of our favourite noughties TV legends, “when it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month or even your year”, make sure your wingman’s “there for you”. 

A Wingman… Is Trustworthy and Loyal 

Like every epic duo, you want your wingman to be dependable.

What you don’t want is your wingman stealing all the attention while you play sidekick.

They need to recognise they’re helping you (their single friend) out and not fishing for compliments to boost their own ego.

Ultimately, you want a wingman who is looking out for your best interests (and the chance to say they helped direct the next best love story!). 

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Photo Credit: Photo by Eunice Lituañas on Unsplash