10 Caption Ideas To Post If You’re Still Single This Valentine’s Day

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The one day of the year where your single status has never been more prominent.

Among the sea of envy-inducing romantic breaks, #couple goals and corny posts, you’ll often see one heroic individual celebrating their single status gallantly.

If you’re single this Valentine’s day, no need to shy away from social media. 

Instead, embrace being a singleton proudly with these 10 caption ideas to post when you’ve had enough chocolate for one.

1)   A true love story is the one between me and my bitches

2)   I think cupid put a hex on me. Then a stranger smiled at me and now I think cupid is just very bad at his job.

3)   My one constant every Valentine’s Day. #chocolate

4)   My dog just smiled at me. I’m living my best life. Are you?

5)   Roses are Red. Violets are Blue, my Valentine’s day will consist of Hugh Jackman, a box of popcorn and a bottle of pinot noir. WBU?

6)   What’s that? No overwhelming pressure to please “the one”? I’ll take it.

7)   Me and my other single friends when we finish work on Valentine’s Day:

8)   The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is that you have love in your life. It just happens to be you.

9)   I don’t need a Valentine. I need a Valentino.

10) Me trying to set up my psychic and cupid together so they’ll have to find love for me next year.

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