8 Couples Costume Ideas For You and Your Wingman This Halloween

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Iconic duo status pending.


Cue the yearly dilemma of “What the hell am I going to where?”

Who says couples costumes are only for those in a relationship? Grab a friend and you too can dress up as iconic duos that, instead of making people cringe - will have them wishing they had an awesome wingman too.    


The Single: Your dating profile

The Wingman: Swipe right sign

If you’re single AF, you know your online dating profile is your best asset. Who says you can’t combine the online and offline world and literally come as your dating profile. Come as a cardboard cut-out of your online profile - complete with a description and use your actual face as the photo (nothing’s better than the real deal, eh?).  Your friend can be the one holding the “Swipe Right” sign – showing you’re worth it!


The Single: Wi-Fi

The Wingman: Secret password

Your wingman: Want to connect with my friend? Ask me for the password.  

If you’re always attracting the wrong type of connections, this is your chance to change it. The idea revolves around the single being the “Wi-Fi” and your wingman holding the secret password. If you find yourself attracting attention from potential suitors – you’ll only be able to exchange numbers IF your friend approves and gives them the password (your number). 


The Single: Chalk

The Wingman: Cheese 

(Dependent on what you're more of)

If you and your friend have very different personalities then what better to go as than the popular phrase chalk and cheese. It’s more interesting than your usual cat and mouse and will definitely get people sparking up a conversation.


The Single: A Bachelor/Bachelorette

The Wingman: A Rose

Why not pay homage to one of reality TV’s greatest phenomenon (and your secret guilty pleasure) by becoming your very own bachelor/bachelorette. Your friend could be the one to decide who’s worthy of a rose.


The Single: Cinderella

The Wingman: The Fairy Godmother

If you’re on the lookout for a prince this Halloween, then who better to channel than the iconic Disney princess herself, Cinderella. Your friend can be the “fairy godmother” on hand to build your confidence and Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo anyone who’s definitely not worth you. 


The Single: Fries

The Wingman: Burger 


What’s more iconic than everyone’s favourite main and side. If it works for Taylor Swift and Katy Perry…


The Single: Aladdin

The Wingman: Genie

C'mon... Genie is the ultimate wingman and along with Aladdin, they're arguably the best duo in Disney (fight me). It might take a bit of convincing, but if your friend really is your friend, they will be up for playing Genie – blue body paint optional.


The Single: The best emoji that represents you

The Wingman: Thumbs up emoji 👍

If you use emoji’s more than real words, you’ve got your costume sorted. Whether you use - 😂 -to show you’re the hilarious one or something cheekier (we’ll let you decide which one), you've got your conversation starter sorted. Your friend could be the "Thumbs Up" emoji only if they approve of what they're recommending.

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