6 Creative First Date Ideas

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Relationship expert Dr. Pam Spurr (On Twitter @drpamspurr) has a few suggestions for you!

I once remember reading that Lady Gaga had gone on a date at a shooting range. No surprises really as we always expect her to do her own thing!

You might not want to do target practice with that new person but there are plenty of things to try that are different. Why stick to what everyone else does on a date like drinks, dinner or a film? Some of these ideas might bring out the best in you two - or at least show you the stuff they're made of.

Creative Date Idea No. 1Turn up the heat

There are fantastic cookery classes available from chocolate making to bread baking. So, you can enjoy a laugh while creating something culinary together. Take your freshly made delights back to yours to share by candlelight. Hand feed each other to turn up the heat for a sexy vibe.

Creative Date Idea No. 2Get physical 

One brilliant way to get to know each other is trying something physically challenging like abseiling or doing a climbing wall. Many sports centres have these facilities as well as plenty of locations around the countryside offering ‘guided’ abseiling, etc. Not only is it good for you getting your blood pumping but if you fancy him definitely ask him for a little assistance here and there to get a bit physical with each other.

Creative Date Idea No. 3Go Latin

Nothing quite like a hot pulsating rhythm to get you going - and I'm not talking about bedroom antics - I'm talking about taking a Latin dance class together! There are so many salsa and Latin American dance classes around and neither of you have to be any good. The fun is in learning together and it can be very sensual mastering the different moves.

Creative Date Idea No. 4A tipsy tasting

There are many specialty wine tasting evenings available in most reasonable-sized towns and cities. These aren't full-on courses but specialized evenings covering one topic like French wines, ‘new world’ wines, or champagne, etc. Enjoy savouring the tastes together and it might put you in the mood for some full-on flirting when the evening is finished. The benefit is learning something about wines at the same time. We love an educational date. 

Creative Date Idea No. 5Winter sports any time of year

With year-round indoor facilities, you can suggest going for dry skiing or snowboarding. There are dry skiing centres around the country offering anything from a couple hours to a half day of tuition. After your adventure on the slopes it's the perfect time to cuddle up over some drinks for a cosy evening of romance. 

Creative Date Idea No. 6Get the romance of Ghost

Who could forget the pottery scene between Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in the romantic classic Ghost?It was definitely tear-making stuff. There are pottery and other art classes available at practically any adult education centre. Again, these are offered in the evening and weekends so they make date-friendly events. Have fun getting your hands messy together in that wet clay. If you really like them - and are hoping things happen between you - it's worth remembering most people like it when you're prepared to get your hands dirty.

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