5 Ways To Celebrate Friendsgiving In Quarantine.

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If you can’t bring friends to Friendsgiving then bring Friendsgiving to your friends instead.

Friendsgiving, the annual holiday you’d celebrate with your closest pals over a boozy brunch and catch up on a year’s worth of gossip. This year, like many things, it’s looking a little different. While catching up over a Zoom call can feel tiresome by now, there are a few ways to get back into the party spirit.

If you’re getting tired of living in your pyjamas, this is your excuse to get dressed up and go all out… even if you’re staying in. 

Here are some fun ways to celebrate Friendsgiving with your pals:

Play Secret Pen Pal and send them a little gift 

Just like Secret Santa, you can each pick out a name of a friend and send them a thoughtful gift. It doesn’t have to be extravagant (you can set a budget), it can be something small and thoughtful, something that reminds you of that person. A hand-written note about what you love about them could work just as great. Wait till the grand day to open them and you can each take turns over video call to show what you got and guess who it’s from.

Create a Friendsgiving set menu

There’s always that one friend who can barely cook so agree on a menu everyone will be happy to cook by themselves and see who does the best (or worst) job on the day. If all else fails, keep the take-out on standby. Make it a memory you’ll look back on, trust us, it’ll be one for the ages! 

Match roulette

Now here’s a Friendsgiving activity that’s worth doing. Choose one of your single friends and see who can pick the better match for them. On Wingman, you can each write a bio for them and browse as a team. Let your single friend choose who should get to introduce them to a potential match. If things go well, you can all take the credit of setting them up, it’ll be Friendsgiving anniversary worth remembering. 

Watch a film about friendship

You can’t have a day about friendship without celebrating the best friendships shown on screen. Have a Netflix party and stream Friends right from the start or relive the Thanksgiving drama in Gossip Girl, you know want to, XOXO. 

Take a Friendship Quiz

Who knows you the best? Test your friendship knowledge and see who knows each other the best. While you may think you know everything about your friends, you may be surprised. If you’d rather pass on the quiz, why not have your own table talk where you pick a topic and discuss your thoughts on it. Let’s be honest, while we love talking about superficial stuff, it’s good to know where your friends stand on the important stuff too.  

This year more than ever, our friendships have kept us strong. Let’s be thankful to those who’ve stuck by us, happy Friendsgiving!

Get your single friends on board and download Wingman, the dating app to help friends get dates.

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