5 Post-Breakup Traps To Avoid

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Our relationship expert Dr Pam Spurr (On Twitter & Instagram @drpamspurr) shares her tips on how to avoid falling into a slump after a break-up.

Literally everyone goes through at least one breakup in a lifetime and then, when you’re ready, it’s onwards and upwards to start dating again.

However, there's so much that can scupper your chances to find romance when still a bit vulnerable. It’s best to be aware of these five  classic post-breakup traps we fall into.

Post-breakup Trap No. 1You're so lonely!

You're used to having your ex's affection ‘on tap’ - they could give you cuddles after a bad day, a row with your sister or falling out with your boss. The lonely nights now seem to stretch on for an eternity. Unfortunately looking for love when you're still feeling loneliness makes you more likely to date any old person - even someone who is not going to be good for your breakup recovery.