8 Things We'll Remember 2018 For - Year Review

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And what a year it has been...


Who could forget the year we danced to Cardi B, related more to “Don’t say it” tweets and made us think if you didn’t love us in 2018, you don’t deserve us in 2019?

1.    Ariana Grande 

Arguably, one of the most talked about celebrities this year, Ariana Grande made our 2018 with anthems like Thank you, Next, God Is a Woman and Breathin’. Ms Grande had us shook with her amazing vocals and wishing we all could recreate our own 00’s music video. Take note for 2028, folks.

2.    Memes 

Is 2018 really 2018 without its memes? Whether it was the “distracted boyfriend” or you heard “Yanny” or “Laurel”, memes will always be the hero we not necessarily needed BUT deserved. Here’s to next year’s unexpected heroes, we look forward to captioning you.

3.    Musicals 

Once upon a time, musicals were considered a guilty pleasure. However, thanks to The Greatest Showman (technically released in 2017 but don’t pretend you weren’t singing along to it in 2018) and A Star Is Born, our Spotify playlists have suddenly ventured out and made us wishing 2019 brings us more musicals we can unapologetically sing to.

4.    Fortnite and Flossing

The multi-player online video game, where you battle out to be the last one standing, has arguably been the most popular game this year. Having apparently had 78.3m players in August, you must have come across at least 10 people who were playing this in 2018. Your brother to even your grandma, must have attempted the “floss”, the viral dance move from the game that took the Internet by storm this year. 

5.    Diversity in Films

This year should be remembered as the year that embraced diversity in film. The start of the year introduced us to the world of Wakanda in one of the highest grossing movies of the year, Black Panther. With other favourites like Crazy Rich Asians and Love Simon, this year has been influential for representation and made us glad 2018 existed. 

6.    A Royal Wedding - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

This year will also go down in history as the year that was host to the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The world was captivated by the pair’s wedding back in May and marked an important milestone in British history. With the birth of their royal baby to follow next year, we can’t wait to see what’s next for the most famous family in the world (after the Kardashians of course!).

7.    Drake’s In My Feelings challenge 

Who could forget 2018’s most popular viral sensation, the Kiki challenge. Inspired by Drake’s smash hit song, In My Feelings, the KiKi challenge involves people getting out of their moving car while singing along to the catchy hit. Seriously, maybe less death defying challenges for 2019 would be nicer, right? With the #Inmyfeelingschallenge proving popular (over 600k posts on Instagram), 2018 has earned Drake the coveted status of most streamed artist of this year on Spotify. *Sings* “Kiki, do you love me…

8.    Best TV + Films 

Every year has its bingeworthy shows and boy, did 2018 bring it. Whether it was waiting to find out a psychopath assassin’s next move in Killing Eve or crying at the incredible transformations on Queer Eye, this year brought the drama. Special thanks to Netflix for giving us 2018’s rom-com of the year, the sweet but brilliant, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Peter Kavinsky AKA Noah Centineo, thanks for helping us believe in love again. 

2018, you have blessed us… but alas we must say thank you, next and look forward to whatever the hell 2019 brings.

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Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash