10 Opening Lines That Are Better Than Hi

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Because sometimes there’s more to say than just hi.

When you’re trying to find someone special, saying hi just won’t cut it anymore.

If you’re an online dating veteran, you know a simple hi, is as boring as coming across a profile that says, “I like going to the gym.” 

Playing it safe may work for some but thanks to the internet, we know those who get creative with their opening lines, are more likely to be successful in getting a response back.

The question is…

What should you say?

Why not start with an intriguing question or an observation (non-creepy of course!). 

Did they mention they have a great sense of humour? Send them a funny GIF or a joke and ask on a scale of 1-10, how funny they found it.

Light-hearted icebreakers are more likely to get a conversation flowing rather than a stagnant hi.

Here are 10 opening lines that are way better than a two-letter word:

When you want to be intriguing:

1)   Am I right in thinking you’re someone who [pick something you notice on their profile e.g. are they at a beach, bar... ] 

When you want to be deep and philosophical:

2)   If you had a choice, would you travel back to the past, stay in the present or go to the future?

When you see a dog in their profile:

3)   If we went on a date, please tell me you’re bringing your dog?

When you want to be romantic and smooth:

4)   Look at that, it’s sunny outside and I’ve matched with you. Tell me, is this the best day or what? 

When you love eating:

5)   I had a whole pizza to myself yesterday, would you mind sharing the next one?

When you want to find out more about their interests:

6)    Better Discovery: Netflix or avocadoes?

When you subtly want to ask them out on a date: 

7)   I want to go see a film this week, what’s good?

When you want to be sweet:

8)   Your smile is proof that best things in life are free

When you want to be fun:

9) What emoji best describes you? Mine is (insert emoji)

When you’ve been set up by your wingmen:

10) So our friends think we’d make a great match, what are they getting you back for?

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